How to prepare

We would like you to come fully prepared for a care-free holiday. Of course we can’t pack your bag for you but we can try to inform you about things you need to be aware of BEFORE you get on the plane.


To enter the Philippines your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure. Upon arrival at the airport most nationalities issue a visa for a stay up to 30 days. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, you will need to apply for a visa extension good for 59 days. This can be done ahead at the Philippine Embassy in your home country or it can be done at arrival in the Philippines at one of the immigration offices based in Manila, Cebu and Tagbilaran, Bohol. Make sure you have a round trip airline ticket. A one-way ticket may cause a problem upon arrival. If you arrive without the correct documents the immigration officers at the airport will refuse your entrance into the country.

Arriving At The Airport

When you arrive at the airport, look for our official driver to pick you up. He is easily identified holding a signboard with ‘the name of your party’. If in the worst case, you and the driver can’t find each other than please call our office for assistance.

Telephone details of our office:
Tel no.: +63 (0) 38 502-9083 
Mobile no.: +63 (0) 939-7738330 or +63 (0) 927-2270975


Please check with your local doctors and specialist for possible vaccinations for this region advised in your home country. Malaria does not occur in our areas of operation.


The electric current is 220 Voltage, 60 Hertz, and uses the American shaped plugs (US-norm connection). Adaptor-plugs come in handy. In our resorts, we use universal outlets so that the western European 2 prone round plugs will also fit. A flashlight will come in handy during your stay; it’s always good to bring one.

Mosquitoes And Other Bugs

The mosquitos are most active at sunset. Different sorts of repellent are available in shops here but if you have a reliable brand at home we would advise you to bring those. Although there are other tropical bugs here there are no dangerous or venomous ones. We do have a lot of Geckos (small lizards) here in the Philippines but they also come in handy because they are natural predators of the mosquito.

Laundry Service

There is no need to bring plenty of clothes because Oasis Resort & Sumisid Lodge can also take care of your dirty laundry. Just leave it at the reception of your resort and it will be delivered nice and fresh smelling the same or next day.


It is not necessary to bring beach and pool towels. We provide our in-house guest with beach and pool towels. Every other day we will change your towels. For the divers, we also provide towels on our diving boats. 


At all resorts it is possible to make domestic and international telephone calls. 


In all resort (Sumisid Lodge & Oasis Resort) we offer complimentary but sometimes limited WiFi in certain areas. 
Please keep in mind that the Philippines have one of the worst internet in the world. Especially in peak hours the access to wifi can be very difficult. We will do our utmost best to keep the WiFi strong and accessible. If you want to enjoy the internet access, we strongly recommend not downloading/uploading videos, pictures or to update your devices. In case you need to check-in online for your upcoming flight please come to the reception and you can use one of our computers to check-in and print your boarding pass. 


Payments on the spot at the resorts or dive centers can be made cash in: Philippine Peso, US Dollar or EURO. The exchange rate will be the going rate of that day minus 2%. The exchange rate is set by the resort and is not negotiable. In Oasis Resort and Sumisid Lodge we accept the following credit cards: Visa and/or MasterCard. There is no extra surcharge for payments with credit card. Please note that other credit cards are NOT accepted. You can change your money at the International airports, so that you have some Philippine peso’s cash at hand. If you have a transfer arranged by us you could ask the driver to assist you once you are out of the airport.

In Alona Beach, Bohol there is an ATM-Machine, a bank and moneychangers available. Note: with foreign bank cards, you can only withdraw 4000 pesos per time.

In Moalboal, Pangsama Beach you can find directly in front of Sumisid Lodge a ATM Machine and there are another three in town. 

Traveling With Children

Travelling with your family? No problem in Oasis Resort. We have baby seats in our 2 restaurants, we have baby cots for in the rooms and on request we can also offer babysitting service. In case you would like to book babysitting service, please inform us ahead of time.


During your transfers everywhere you will find porters. These porters want to carry your luggage for a small payment. For some people this is very convenient others get annoyed by it. Please keep in mind that if you would like to use a porter the cost is more or less 50 – 75 peso per item. If you want to carry it by yourself just tell the porters to leave you alone and they will do so.


You decide to use this service and let someone else carry your luggage to and from the boat. Transfers are only included if you inform this by booking at our head office. Room rates are not included with transfers. For more information about transfer rates please click here: transfer rates

Terminal Fee

Upon leaving the Philippines you will need to pay a terminal fee at the airport for international flights:
At present the fee is Peso 750.00 per person for departing passengers from Manila and Cebu Airport.

Upon departure from the pier to and from Cebu the fee is Peso 20.00 per person (to be paid at the terminal)

For More Information Or Questions Please Contact Us!